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Robert Brown ringer5040 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 20:53:59 UTC 2015

Any rules are probably going to throw up ridiculous anomalies, also keeping
previous names will throw up issues around extension of methods


Comment was made


"In terms of what could / should be done in a revised set of Decisions, I
imagine most of us would agree that any method that is already named should
keep its name, even if under a new algorithm a method now has a
differently-named parent".


This was always the case hence Double Norwich Major to  Royal don t fit in
the current structure but they exist as they predate current rules - however
Hereward Bob Major (2nds place DNCBM) had not been rung to Royal so when it
was, or put another way when we rang 2nds Place DN Royal we could not name
it Hereward Bob Royal because of the rules, It became King of the Mountains
or something along those lines  albeit what we rang was 2nds Place DN Royal.


Also there is the issue of extensions - a major method for instance might
have say 4 extension routes to Royal, one of which is what I would term the
natural extension, the other three bearing a passing resemblance to the
major, however because someone rang the natural extension to Royal and named
it something different, the extension of the method now is left with 3
options which in most cases  the average ring would struggle to see how they
are related as an example Wareham Surprise Major and Wareham Surprise Royal,
Where the "natural" extension had been rung before.


I don't really have an answer - in the first case perhaps there should a
"logical" option in these cases recognising the historic links.


In the latter the only option would be for the "natural extensions" to be
named when the parent  method is rung, but then who makes that decision?


More food for thought






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