[r-t] Earthsea methods

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Mon Apr 20 10:04:28 UTC 2015

"Inspired by David Hull's Coniston Bluebird, I've been looking for methods 
with similar characteristics but reduced falseness...this means that the 
rollups off the front arrive at the opposite stroke to normal, so that for 
example 23456781 is at the backstroke half-lead..."

Indeed, it's a nice property.

"There are several right-place methods like this"

Which ones?

"I have found six new Major methods which meet these criteria, all unrung 
and with just B falseness instead of the BD groups of Coniston Bluebird...
Orm Embar S Major: b -38-1458-56-36.14-34.58.14-16.78
Yevaud S Major: g -38-1458-56-36.14-34.58.14-16.78
Tehanu S Major: d -58-14-56-36-12-58.34-16.78
Kalessin S Major: j -58-14-56-36-12-58.34-16.78
Bar Oth S Major: d -58-14-56-36-34-58.12-16.78
Orm Irian S Major: j -58-14-56-36-34-58.12-16.78

Comments welcome. Good compositions should be available for all"

Is there are reason you missed out this method (and the three other variants 
changing the half-lead / lead-end change)?  It has slightly more music than 
yours without introducing any extra falseness.

&-5-4-56-36-4-5.36.2-7,2 18674523

You can get the same effect with even more familiar overworks, such as 
Bristol over (I'm a bit surprised to see neither this method nor the 
variants with different half-lead or lead-end changes has been rung)

&-5-4.5-5.36.4-34.5-2.56.1,1 13527486

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