[r-t] Earthsea methods

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Apr 20 21:21:30 UTC 2015

Philip writes,

> Is there are reason you missed out this method (and the three other variants
> changing the half-lead / lead-end change)?  It has slightly more music than
> yours without introducing any extra falseness.
> &-5-4-56-36-4-5.36.2-7,2 18674523

Good question - to be honest I re-used some old code and didn't look at 
it very closely first. I think the reason was probably because I 
excluded sectional place notations not of the form -P- or P-Q. I did 
find the equivalent method with a final section of 36-12, but this 
introduces E falseness over and above the B, so I dropped it.

No real reason for that constraint though, so I might run the search 
again to see what else I find. Good spot Philip.

> You can get the same effect with even more familiar overworks, such as
> Bristol over (I'm a bit surprised to see neither this method nor the
> variants with different half-lead or lead-end changes has been rung)
> &-5-4.5-5.36.4-34.5-2.56.1,1 13527486

That one doesn't appear to have the "meet all the bells other than 
course/after bell in PB coursing order" property.


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