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Thu Aug 27 04:00:21 UTC 2015

Those that care about such things may recall that the CCCBR Methods
Committee is working "on a consultation about, and on developing the
principles and fundamental requirements of, a possible new or revised set
of Decisions concerning Peal Ringing, Methods and Calls". In the
committee's report, and at the Council meeting in May, it was stated that
there would be an open meeting to discuss this further. I have been in
contact with the committee trying to understand when and where this meeting
would be held. I suspect several folks on this list may be interested in
what I have learned.

My understanding is that the meeting is, at least tentatively, planned for
Sunday, 11 October, somewhere in London, sometime in the afternoon (UK
time). I am particularly pleased that they have thought to arrange for
those unable to travel to London to join the meeting by Skype (obviously a
big help for me!).

I believe they are concerned that this may be relatively short notice for
folks to attend (though I'm guessing the Skype alternative may help a bit);
hence my use of "tentatively" above. On the other hand, it would be good to
see things moving sooner rather than later. If you find this relatively
short lead time a problem, but think you might attend with more notice, you
might consider sending the committee a note to that effect. I believe the
chairman, Peter Niblett, is away this week, with sporadic email
connectivity, but expects to be back and fully connected next week.

I presume the date and location will be announced in the RW and elsewhere
when finalised, but I thought some of you might find early notice helpful.

You may also recall that the committee had promised to reissue, with
significant modifications, the paper soliciting comments they sent around
earlier this year. Based on what was said in the committee's report and at
the Council meeting this is clearly happening considerably later than they
originally expected, but my understanding is that they do expect it to be
reissued by the end of next week, and hope perhaps even by the beginning of
the week. I presume (though don't know for sure) that when they reissue it
they will attach a date by which they request replies, and that that date
will be well in the future (the original date for replies was the end of
this month, which is clearly impractical now).

I hope this information is of some use to those interested in this matter.
Any my apologies in advance if it turns out I have misunderstood their

Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
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        -- Plautus, _Trinummus_ (tr Henry Thomas Riley)
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