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On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 8:25 PM, Matthew Frye <matthew at frye.org.uk> wrote:

> On 7 Jan 2015, at 02:43, Tim Barnes <tjbarnes23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Then on to calls, which hopefully will be a lot easier and quicker than
> methods...
> Hahahaha! Good joke!
> More seriously, I wonder if we're better going back to basics, rather than
> pushing forward to more complex things. We don't even have agreed
> definitions on such fundamentals as a "change", or a "method". Let alone
> "peal", "truth", or "change-ringing"...

Well, I think there's merit to the approach of pressing ahead with votes on
specific questions so we can see what people's views are, while grappling
with definitions and other terminology challenges in parallel.

How about the following? (with thanks to a few people who have provided
input offline)

Row: A sequence of N bells in which each bell rings once and only once.
Place: A position of an individual bell within a Row.
Stage: A name that represents the number of bells, N, that form a given
Row, as shown in the table below.  (Table to be added, 4=Minimus, etc.)
Change: A transposition of bells at a given Stage from their Places in one
Row into the Places of the next Row.
  Simple Change: A Change where the transposition moves every bell to
either the same Place it previously occupied, or to an immediately adjacent
    Null Change: A Simple Change where the transposition moves every bell
to the same Place it previously occupied.
  Jump Change: A Change that is not a Simple Change.
Method: A process for generating a sequence of Changes at a given Stage.

*Method Classification:*
Static Method: A Method that can be defined by a fixed sequence of Changes.
Dynamic Method: A Method that is not a Static Method.
[Lots of other method classification terms to be added here]

*Method Naming:*
Methods may be named and recorded in the Central Council’s Method Library,
subject to the following requirements:
  A Static Method may not be separately named and recorded if its sequence
of Changes is a rotation of another Static Method that has already been
named and recorded.
[Other requirements to be added, such as ringing the method in a peal or QP]

On Calls, here are the points I can think of that would need to be debated
/ validated.  No doubt there are others:

Calls alter the Changes that would otherwise be generated by the Method
that is being rung.
Calls are never rung in their own right - they are only used to alter the
Changes generated by a Method.
Calls are defined locally as part of a Composition (see later section).
There is no central recording of named calls or similar.
Calls may:
  Modify one or more adjacent Changes of a Method
  Remove one or more adjacent Changes of a Method without replacing them
  Insert one or more adjacent new Changes into a Method without removing
any of the Changes of the Method

There will, of course, also be the difficult question of doubles variations
to be considered as part of Calls.

I've posted the above on the Changeringing Wiki as a starting point for
documenting the results of our debates.  I believe anyone with a user id
for this site can edit the document.  I don't know how practical it is for
us to collectively edit this and keep it in line with the debate on this
list - interested to hear any suggestions on how to approach this.


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