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Wed Jan 14 21:19:55 UTC 2015

I've banged on about the mega-tittums course (coursing order 8765432) in methods such as Superlative or Muppet Show S before. The Superlative MT course generates 2 of each type of run (forwards and backwards) on the front and the back. Muppet Show does even better. The magic of the course is not only the frequency of the runs but the variety. 
Unfortunately in n-1 part cyclic compositions (ie 7 part comps of Major), each lead of the MT course occurs in a different part of the composition, thus losing the impact of ringing the whole course in one go.
I recently got to thinking about ringing the course in its entirety as part of a n-part cyclic composition (8-part for major). The 8 "magic" courses are headed up by rows from the (8-bell) MT course: 18273645, 21384756, 32415867, 43526178, 54637281, 65748312, 76851423, 87162534. This way you get 8 fantastic courses of rapidly changing music spread throughout your composition - the runs just keep coming. Unfortunately falseness plays a big part here - Superlative (in fact any method starting with place notation x) does not work. However, there are TD methods available that are both true to those 8 courses and that generate significant quantities of runs.
By way of an example, 5-56.4- (1). When rung to these 8 courses it generates 200 4-bell runs front and back (236 if you also count internal runs) in 1792 changes. Not only a lot of runs, but the type of run changes every halflead.
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a problem with this method - rounds occurs 6 changes after the leadhead 32415867. Not what I was hoping for originally but perhaps not the end of the world - by starting in this position in the course it saves finding a convenient link method to get you to the MT course in  the first place. Also, by calling a bob (place notation x instead of 18 at the leadend) at the leadend when all 8 bells are in the MT course you can link straight into another part of the composition.

1792 Unnnamed D Major5-56.4- (1)
(32415867)38172645367584123452617831284756378615243564728143526178 bob (x)
Start with rounds as the 6th row of the lead. Rounds occurs 6 changes after the final call.
By ringing some 2nds place leadends you could easily get the length down to a standard quarter peal length. The original idea was to come up with a peal comp on this plan, in as few methods as possible, containing as many of the 480 runs as possible. I'd be interested to see if anyone has any suggestions for this or any other (better) methods that fit the criteria - Alliance possibly? How about a method with 90 changes per lead, giving a peal length as per the plan above, with all the runs?
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