[r-t] Method ringing vs. change ringing

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Jan 23 22:30:21 UTC 2015

Ander writes,

> What I would aim for here is to preserve a few well-established naming
> conventions such as Surprise, Delight, Little, but otherwise do away with
> as much as possible.

Yes, to me this is where the effort needs to be put in, because there is 
a large body of rung methods, and a larger body of potential methods, 
all of which ought to be treated nicely. Also I think the worst part of 
the current Decisions is the excessive categorisation, one might say 
ghettoization, of methods. Categories such as "Differential", 
"Non-Method Block" and "False" serve to segregate methods which look the 
same, and could (without the categorisation) be extensions of each other 
at different stages.


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