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Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Fri Jul 24 01:49:32 UTC 2015

A new facebook group called “Ringing Methods” has been recently created by Rob Lee, to be an informal forum to discuss and share knowledge on methods, compositions etc. 

Rob is keen to provide a platform for ringers (especially those who other channels don’t reach) to learn and become more engaged with the more theoretical side of change ringing. I am very supportive of this.

As Rob says in his “house rules”,

“Note that this group is not intended to compete with the ringing-theory email list. This remains best placed to deal with any detailed/complex posts, which will be pointed there”

The ringing theory list format has many advantages over facebook for technical discussions: it is openly archived, it allows much more scope in the length and formatting of messages, is has a broad network of experts who subscribe and contribute, it is available offline, and indeed being offline for a period doesn’t mean that threads are missed. 

I am confident the facebook group will add to the broad area, though.  The group can be joined at https://www.facebook.com/groups/601658156640471/.  There has been one recent post that’s of interest to a more in-depth exploration here...I’ll post soon...

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