[r-t] Terms of truth

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Jul 14 08:29:42 UTC 2015

Joe wrote:

> If I want to describe a block on n bells that contains all
> of the n! rows at least once each, I call the block
> "complete". I'm not sure if there is a more widely
> used term for this.

> If a block on n bells contains each possible row
> exactly m times each, for some integer m, then
> I call the block "balanced". For example a 240 of
> Doubles that contains each row exactly twice.

> Then there is a slightly less "true" sort of truth
> which exists in, say, quarter peals of Minor. If
> we have a 1260 of Minor, I would regard it as
> "true" if every possible row exists at least once
> and at most twice. 

I cover these by displaying the composition properties: True, Round Block,
[number of] Complete extents, [number of] Partial extents.


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