[r-t] Terms of truth

Richard Pullin grandsirerich at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 15 12:03:18 UTC 2015

Fred Bone wrote:

>Which reminds me that I have often wondered why a peal of, say, 8000+
>Treble Bob Major might be described on a peal board as "true and
>complete". If "complete" means merely that it came round when expected,
>why mention it? If not, what does it signify?

In the case of Kent Treble Bob Major, the extent with the tenors together
is 8448 (certainly as a three-part), so was often described as "complete"
on old peal boards. An example of this would be the 8448 of Kent rung at
St. Helen's, Worcester, in 1833 which was described on the peal board as "a
complete peal of Kent...being the full extent with the tenors together."
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