[r-t] Spliced triples

Mark Eccleston M.R.Eccleston at bham.ac.uk
Sun Jul 19 13:02:05 UTC 2015

Philip, thanks for your kind words regarding the recent peal of "2s, 4s, 6s, 8s". The composition, as written, perhaps does not indicate clearly enough that a block starting, for example, 'SS' (Stedman Slow) tells the band to ring Stedman starting with a slow six (which, with no change of method, will then be followed by a quick six, slow six, quick six etc).

With that explained, it is fair to describe the composition as 1920 Carter, Stedman and 1200 Titanic: there were large 'chunks' of each three methods in the peal. The nomenclature 'TQ' just tells you to start ringing a 'normal' course of Titanic, starting with a Quick Two; C8 tells you to ring a 'normal' course of Carter's, starting with a Carter Eight etc...


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