[r-t] Compositions of the Decade: Part 8 - Cinques

Matt Dawson m.d.dawson.29 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:26:21 UTC 2015

On 22 June 2015 at 12:23, Ian Fielding <Ian.Fielding at nbt.nhs.uk> wrote:
> It strikes me that the composition could be modified quite easily to include the 65E7908 position instead of 658790E which would give 2 additional 6's of 4 bell runs in each course - E098's and 9876's (between 6587E90 and 658709E) using 2.10s to get there and 2s.10s to get to the H/S

It would be nice to see a block with the back bells in the 6xE7908
position and 1-5 moving to give little bell runs. I suspect some more
extensive refactoring is required though, as it looks like some
65E7908 courses are false against 657890E.

You could then use the same block on the Ex60879 position (not sure
how false that is with other stuff)...


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