[r-t] Blue line (/grid) generators / Jump Changes

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sat Mar 21 16:52:48 UTC 2015

I use a variety of websites and apps to generate rows and view grids (and blue lines) of methods, including unrung new methods. The three main ones I use, each of which have their own comparative advantages, are:

- Martin Bright's Boojum (http://boojum.org.uk/cgi-bin/line.pl)

- Don Morrison's ringing.org (http://ringing.org/main/pages/method-search)

- Ander Holroyd's MethodScript (https://www.math.ubc.ca/~holroyd/methscript/methscript.htm)

Other resources exist, including the venerable Visual Method Archive (http://www.vismeth.co.uk/main.htm), the website www.ringingmethods.co.uk, and excellent apps like Simon Gay's iagrams (http://www.iagrams.co.uk), and Methodology. These are intended to display previously-rung methods.

However, I can't find anywhere the functionality to generate and view methods with jump changes. Partly this is a consequence of the CC Methods Committee who choose not to document the previously-rung jump methods in their database (from which most blue line generators pull).

Please can someone modify or create code so that jump changes can be inputted? We need to agree on a common standard for notation, but that should be easy in comparison with some of the other recent debates we've seen...

It would also be helpful to document rung methods that have jump changes. I've certainly rung (in peals or extents) at least:

Jump Stedman Doubles (4 different sixes)
Mersey Ferry Minor
Cambridge Jump Surprise Minor
London Jump Surprise Minor
Double Oxford Jump Minor
Stedman Jump Triples (2 different sixes)

And a few more methods casually, including the obvious cyclic jump (both jump up and jump down), and extended versions of some of the above on higher numbers.

What other methods have been rung that include jump changes?

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