[r-t] Composition round-up

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Mar 6 22:45:52 UTC 2015

Philip writes,

> The composition looks good and like it fits its design-brief well,
 > rather than being an intrinsically elegant work of beauty.
 > The first 40% or so is fairly straightforward tenors together fare,
 > letting the methods show what they can do and giving the band
 > the chance to acclimatise.  The second half spices things up rather,
 > with a nice mix of cyclic courses

Thanks Philip. It's actually meant to be a tri-partite plan, with 
tenors-together to open, some Tittums courses (getting value out of the 
coursing music of Pangaea), and then the cyclic section to finish. The 
calling is from a Chris Poole idea, originally used by him for Bristol, 
and later adapted to Precambrian (2nd's place Pangaea) for the 2013 
dinner day peal.

I've got a bit about the creation of the spliced composition on my 
(unfinished) new website:


This actually describes the composing process for last year's lost peal. 
Reduction of COM and a replacement conductor ensured the win this year!


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