[r-t] Doubles 240s

Richard Johnston johnstonrh at amen.org.uk
Fri Mar 20 09:23:11 UTC 2015

> Richard:
> "Are there any historical examples of the use of the identity change? If
> there are, as is the case for jump changes, then a plausible case might be
> made for the inclusion of the identity, but not otherwise"

> How bizarre. I'm puzzled as to what makes clever people turn so irrational
> in some circumstances.

<snip - lots more in the same vein>

I could perhaps have expressed myself more clearly, but I was 
responding to MBD's point:

> I am concerned that the wider ringing population will in general be
> very suspicious of the identity change, and not wish to (a) ring it, or
> (b) consider peals with it in to be peals. 

My point is that it would be easier to sell the idea of the identity 
change to the hoi poloi if there was a historical (i.e pre-C20) 
precedent.  :-)

I agree with JEC that call changes don't involve the identity change, 
and nor would full-pull method ringing (which I would support).

Richard Johnston

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