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Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Mon May 25 23:30:36 UTC 2015

If you go to methods.co.uk right now (Mon May 25 23:21:43 UTC 2015),
looking for the usual methods collection, you come up empty-handed.
Instead, there is the curious note

"The method collections are withdrawn pending the outcome of the Council
meeting on Monday."

I am unaware of anything that was on the agenda, or, peeking at what was
reported on Facebook, that was discussed, that is relevant to this
collection. The closest subject of discussion was the ongoing review of the
Decisions, but that has barely started so it is hard to see how it could
have precipitated such an odd move. Does anyone have any idea what this is
all about?

Was there some discussion at the Council meeting that was relevant to this,
and just went unreported on Facebook?

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