[r-t] Composition search?

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Mist likely is the phrase tenors together. It means that at the end of any lead the 7 & 8 must be in one of these positions: 1*****78, 1****8*7, 1**8*7**, 18*7****, 178*****, 1*7*8***, 1***7*8*

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On 22/11/2015 12:46, Alan Burlison wrote:
>> The first two searches described in the table on that page are Full Monties.
>> As given in the first row of the table, the "standard" FM is ">=5000
>> changes, Tenors together, Round blocks, Bob = 14, Single = 1234". There is
>> also an "extended" FM, described in the second row of the table, which
>> includes snap finishes.
>> Basically it's all tenors-together peals of Cambridge Major using standard
>> bobs and singles.
> Erm, yes - I saw that, still none the wiser - sorry :-(

There may be things here you have missed out on:


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