[r-t] Composition search?

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 18:54:56 UTC 2015

Alan Burlison wrote:

> I was wondering what was required to have a go at improving on the
current time [for the Full Monty search].

What is required is either a faster processor (using SMC32) or a better
algorithm. The last entry was in 2010, so a latest hi-end processor would
run SMC32 faster. SMC32 is single-threaded so a multi-threaded 64-bit
program has the potential to yield significant improvements.

If you are intending to write your own search engine to improve the
benchmark result, it is worth noting that SMC32 doesn't use place notation,
or generate & prove rows, when it is composing. It traverses a composing
tree from calling position to calling position, each in a single step,
checking the current node for truth against previous nodes using
pre-calculated node falseness tables. It also utilises a number of other
optimisations, and its core is written in Assembler.

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