[r-t] Bobs only Erin Triples (was: Composition search)

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Tue Nov 24 19:28:03 UTC 2015

On 24/11/2015 17:19, Alan Burlison wrote:
> On 24/11/2015 14:04, Philip Earis wrote:
>> For a comprehensive background on bobs only Stedman triples, see this
>> webpage by Philip Saddleton (often referred to as PABS), which gives
>> a good historical context:
>> http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/saddleton/stedman/bdp.htm
I should point out that this was written by Brian Price. See also Andrew 
Johnson's article at 
> I've looked at the code in the C++ ringing library, it appears to 
> check for falseness by comparing each row to all the rest that follow 
> it within a division. That can be improved on by caching the rows 
> within each division in sorted order rather than ringing order and 
> then doing a merge sort or binary search when comparing against other 
> blocks.
There is no need to do this - in a bobs only composition it is only 
necessary to compare the last four bells at each six end.


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