[r-t] Many thanks

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Mon Nov 30 05:55:24 UTC 2015

William: "Many thanks to all who responded! My next question is- Is there a 
circle of work for Cambridge Minor and Major? I can't find one online. 
Thanks so much!!"

It depends what you mean by the "circle of work". I presume you are aware of 
the concept of a "blue line" - that is, the trace of where in each row a 
bell rings in a given method?

For the vast majority of rung methods (including Cambridge Minor and Major), 
all the working bells ring the same blue line, they just start in different 

So knowing the blue line, and where each bell starts, is pretty much what 
the "circle of work" is here.

Any one of these sites will quickly allow you to look up blue lines for rung 
methods, or generate your own new blue lines:


Of course, even better than the blue line is thinking about the grid, but 
one step at a time...

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