[r-t] Pencil -> Ink (was A date to pencil into your calendar)

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Sep 15 09:13:57 UTC 2015

“The open meeting on the review of the Central Council decisions is now 
firmly scheduled”

This has now been officially announced on the homepage of BellBoard (see 
http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/), a little under 4 weeks notice.

Don (on 28th August):
“You may also recall that the committee had promised to reissue, with 
significant modifications, the paper soliciting comments they sent around 
earlier this year. Based on what was said in the committee's report and at 
the Council meeting this is clearly happening considerably later than they 
originally expected, but my understanding is that they do expect it to be 
reissued by the end of next week, and hope perhaps even by the beginning of 
the week. I presume (though don't know for sure) that when they reissue it 
they will attach a date by which they request replies, and that that date 
will be well in the future (the original date for replies was the end of 
this month, which is clearly impractical now)”

There is no mention of the promised document on the new BB announcement.  I 
wonder what has happened to this.  Given that the exercise Tim Barnes has 
been diligently coordinating has been going around 8 months and involved 
hundreds of inputs and suggestions over that timeframe, it’s more than a bit 
eyebrow raising that the Methods Committee yet again seem to be flailing a 
short time before a big meeting without having done their promised homework 
and consultation.

Of course, looking optimistically, perhaps the Methods Committee will 
recognise the importance and progress of Tim’s efforts and use this as the 
basis to move forwards.  I live in hope.

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