[r-t] Central Council Review Action Group (CRAG) Up and Running

John Harrison john at jaharrison.me.uk
Fri Aug 5 14:22:11 UTC 2016

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[Posted on behalf of Ruth Marshall]

Following the Council's overwhelming acceptance of the proposal to set up a
group to review the Council's purpose, structure and function in May,
sufficient volunteers have now come forward to form the group.  Members are
keen to get on with their tasks and have been enthusiastically discussing
how to go about them.

As agreed in the motion, the group is equally divided between non-members,
ex-members and current members.  They are:


Alison Everett, Sussex
Andrew Howard, Bath & Wells
Gemma McGee, New Ringer (Great Malvern Priory)
Tony McIlwrick, Scottish Association
Pat Wheeler, Southall and Nottingham DG


Phillip Barnes, Kent CA
Peter S Bennett, Llandaff and Monmouth DA
Roger Booth, London County
Simon Meyer, ASCY
Robert Wellen, Salisbury

Current Members:

Tony Furnivall, North American Guild
David Smith, ANZAB
Duncan Walker, Carlisle DG
Clyde Whittaker, Middlesex
Stefan Zientek, Chester DG

Significantly more people volunteered than required and I would like to
thank everyone who offered to help.  

One of the Group's most early tasks will be to consult all ringers across
the Globe to find out what they would like the Council to do for them and
for ringing.  Please look out for further announcements about how you can
contribute to the review process.

Ruth Marshall (Review Facilitator)

John Harrison
Website http://jaharrison.me.uk

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