[r-t] Cyclic Surprise Major

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Fri Dec 16 13:26:06 UTC 2016

Pip Dillistone:
> I was digging through my collection of unrung methods just now, and came
> across this...

Thanks for posting, Pip.  I agree for sure that there's a lot of mileage
in cyclic methods.  I think on 8 bells the comparative advantage is with
plain methods though: Anglia Cyclic (rotational symmetry) and Double
Cambridge (glide symmetry) are both extremely attractive.  Anglia is a
wonderful method for a striking competition piece.

Anglia: x1x2367x1x7x5x36x4x2 = 18234567
Double Cambridge: x6x6x8x7x3x3x1x2 = 15678234

"Interestingly, backrounds comes up at the halfway point, so every row in
the second half of the course is the reverse of its corresponding row in
the first half"

Yes, this is a nice property, and one which all glide-symmetric cyclic
methods have.

"I'd be interested to see if one could get a good composition out of it
[Bristol-esque cyclic]"

Are you looking for a peal composition or a quarter?

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