[r-t] Long lengths of minor

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Mon Dec 19 12:40:23 UTC 2016

> "the most extraordinary of all the performances [of minor]...accomplished
>  at Wath-upon-Dearne, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, in the year 1816. This
> performance which consisted of 15,120 changes, was made up by ringing 21
> different peals of 720 changes each, the time occupied in the peal being
> 8 hours and 27 minutes. For my own part I think this the greatest feat yet
> recorded in change-ringing"

I've just been looking at the methods listed for this peal (on page 162 of

Please do shout if any of my attributions are suspect.  And if anyone has
any ideas what "Bob Royal" minor is I'm keen to hear...

More generally, I do think the CC Methods Committee would perform a useful
service if they actually listed in their online connections (and in a
searchable format) some of the original names associated with methods.

It's really a bit silly that many method names (and methods) shown in the
classic books on ringing from the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries don't
appear in the modern collections, seemingly airbrushed from history.

 Ringing didn't start with Law James in the early 20th century, despite
what he and his contemporaries (and descendants) on the CC "Legitimate
Methods Committee" might like to think.

Anyway, of the 21 methods in the peal, I think 6 of these are "regular"
treble-dodging methods from the 147:

Cambridge 		&x3x4x2x3x4x5, 12 	"Cambridge Surprise Minor"
Evening Star		&x34x1x2x3x2x1, 12 	"Evening Star Delight Minor"
London Scholars		&x34x1x2x1x34x5, 16	"London Scholars' Pleasure Treble Bob
Morning Star		&x34x1x2x1x34x1, 12	"Morning Star Treble Bob Minor"
Oxford Treble		&x34x1x2x1x2x1, 16	"Oxford Treble Bob Minor"
Primrose		&x3x4x2x3x4x5, 16	"Primrose Surprise Minor"

A further 4 are treble-dodging methods with plain bob leadheads, and 5ths
made above the treble:

Cheapside		&x3x4x5x1x34x1, 16 	"Cheapside Bob Delight Minor"
College Treble		&x34x1x5x1x2x5, 16	"College Treble Bob Minor"
Navigation Bob		&x5x1x5x1x34x1, 16	"Navigation Treble Bob Minor"
Rodney’s Victory	&x34x1x5x1x34x1, 12	"Rodney's Victory Treble Bob Minor"

A further 10 are treble-dodging methods with non-plain bob leadheads:

City Delight		&x3x4x2x1x34x3, 14=154263       "City Delight Minor"
College Pleasure	&x34x1x2x1x34x3, 14=136524	"College Pleasure Treble Bob
Duke of York		&x3x4x2x1x2x1, 14=162534	"Duke of York Delight Minor"
Morning Exercise	&x34x1x2x3x4x5, 16=165243	"Morning Exercise Delight Minor"
Morning Pleasure	&x34x1x2x1x2x3, 14=146325	"Morning Pleasure Treble Bob
St. Ann’s Delight	&x5x1x5x3x34x3, 14=164235	"St Anne's Pleasure Delight
Symphony		&x5x1x2x3x4x3, 14=146325	"Symphony Delight Minor"
Tulip			&x3x1x2x3x4x3, 12=136245	"Tulip Delight Minor"
Violet			&x3x1x2x1x2x1, 14=152643	"Violet Treble Bob Minor"

1 is a plain method with rotational (rather than conventional palindromic)
Evening Delight		+x1x1x1x3x4x6, 16 	"Evening Delight Bob Minor"

And the final is "Bob Royal" - any ideas what this might be?

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