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Joe Norton strainsteamford0123456789+ringingtheory at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 14:12:50 UTC 2016

On 23/12/2016 13:40, Don Morrison wrote:

> (E)A.6. says "No bell shall lead or lie continuously for the entire 
> plain course of the method." So I think this would be considered a 
> "non-method block."

Ah yes, thank you. Does that mean it would be OK for internal places to 
made for the entire course of a method? Something like 3456 on eight bells?

Also, is it still the rule that blocks can only be named in a peal? I 
heard that it was being considered for the rule to be relaxed such that 
blocks could be named in quarters. I'm not sure if it actually happened 

Thanks for your help,
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