[r-t] Stedman Book

Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Tue Dec 27 14:36:47 UTC 2016

I don't remember seeing any reference on this list to the book 'Stedman 
Triples and Similar Fascinations' by Alan Burbidge, recently advertised 
in the 'Ringing World'. (25 Nov, 5509, p. 1206).

Received a copy for Christmas, and it is a worthwhile if (to me at 
least) challenging read. I will need to go through it again, more than 
once and very slowly, but even at the first skim through I feel I have 
picked up some useful ideas. Interesting stories about peal developments 
and composers in among the theoretical stuff.

Hope someone well qualified is reviewing it for RW. Good to know that 
people are still prepared to write stimulating books about ringing.


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