[r-t] LB Stedman

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Tue Jan 5 22:51:50 UTC 2016

This is perhaps not the forward step that Philip is looking for, but I 
for one am still in love with the ancient coursing music of the Tittums, 
particularly when in juxtaposition with modern little-bell runs. It's 
just magical.

We discussed on this list last summer some ideas around LB music in 
Stedman. Mark Eccleston showed us some compositions with the 6th home 
for the majority of the LB courses, and I subsequently discovered 
several ways of linking LB courses with the 6th at home throughout. 
These courses work in Caters just as well as they do in Cinques (save 
perhaps for additional falseness), and tonight I called a quarter-peal 
of Stedman Caters based on part of the "Chi Block" I published in the 


This was knocked together in a bit of a hurry on Monday night, so no 
doubt can be improved on, but I thought it worked wonderfully well in 
the tower, and I enjoyed it very much. A method from the 17th Century, 
back bell positions from the 18th, little-bell music from the 20th; all 
put together with some 21st Century technology.


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