[r-t] another ringing maths paper

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Fri Jul 1 21:56:40 UTC 2016

People might find this paper amusing:

In ringing terms, it proves that, for odd stages triples and above, there 
is an in-course extent using only jump changes in which a bell jumps to 
lead, such as 512346789.  This has an application to flash memory.

I should point out that there is nothing here that would be regarded as 
hugely novel to the ringing theory community.  Many people on this list 
could probably have solved this problem if they tried.  It is analogous to 
the extent of Grandisre using two different types of bobs, combined with 
an induction argument to extend it to higher stages.

cheers, Ander

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