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This morning's update to the method collections at http://www.methods.org.uk
has split each of the tables of Surprise, Delight and Treble Bob Minor
methods into two tables depending on whether or not they have in-course

The methods with no in-course falseness include all 197,154 in my
supplementary collection of Treble Dodging Minor Methods
(http://www.methods.org.uk/supplement/index.htm#treble-dodging-minor) for
which bobs-only 720s are true, for example 3xWHW for 2nds place methods,
3xOIO for 6ths place methods.

The methods with in-course falseness have different row parity which means
that the bobs-only 720s are false and they need to be rung in 1440s (or
multiples thereof) using singles, in addition to or instead of bobs, and
each of the 120 different lead-heads occurs the same number of times.

Hopefully this change will reduce the risk of a conductor choosing a TDMM
without realising it has in-course falseness and ringing a false 720.

Best wishes, Tony
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