[r-t] A polite request (was Re: Dixon & Dawson)

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Jun 8 07:58:13 UTC 2016

As the ringing-theory list information page says, "the purpose of the list 
is to discuss theoretical aspects of change ringing, with an emphasis on new 
ideas and innovation".  All members interested in such discussion, and all 
contributions along these lines, are welcome.

The ringing-theory list has managed perfectly happily over the 12 years of 
its life with members broadly self-moderating. Now is perhaps a suitable 
moment to reminder list subscribers:

1) To please keep discussions closely related to change ringing

2) That whilst discussions here about change ringing may at times be robust, 
the language used should be kept within appropriate bounds.

If there are any questions about this message, please direct them to me 
directly rather than to the list as a whole.

Many thanks,

(List founder)

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