[r-t] Extension question

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Jun 26 19:56:08 UTC 2016

Some replies on this question were sent direct to Don from the MC; I've 
copied out the essential bits below.


Decision (G)B2(a) & (b) says:

(a) Place methods are Plain methods in which the path of each bell 
consists only of hunting and place-making.
(b) Bob methods are all other Plain methods.

So Mumble Place 5 could become Mumble Bob 7 **but they are different 
methods** as (G)B is about classification such as Treble Bob, Surprise, 
etc. It could not be Mumble Place 7 in your example. Any name would do, 
it does not have to be Mumble Bob 7 - but can be.

Here's an example -

Bampton Place Doubles: le = 123

There is at least one extension-by-modes which introduces dodging at the 

3AB/3EF: le = 125

This could be Bampton Bob Triples BUT Bampton Bob Minor has already been 
rung so its extension to 7 would be twin-hunt.


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