[r-t] Composers of popular maximus methods

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Thu Oct 27 15:31:38 UTC 2016

RAS wrote:

> Can anyone else supply some of the missing names?

It may be possible to make an educated guess in some cases, unless
anyone has inside knowledge.

Ariel was first rung at Birmingham Cathedral on 5 September 1991,
composed and conducted by Rod Pipe. Peter Border wasn't ringing, so
most likely this was one of Rod's.

Zanussi was first rung at Birmingham Cathedral on 9 Apr 1981, composed
and conducted by Rod Pipe. A comment (RW 1981 p469) says that it was a
variation to improve the truth of Colston, which they wanted to ring
on its own having rung it in Spliced (10560 in 20m at All Saints,
Worcester on 21/2/81?) . Again it seems likely that it was Rod's
variation, although the originator of Colston is not clear.

Strathclyde (nowadays a valid extension of Glasgow) was rung at
Birmingham Cathedral on Feb 4, 1971, again conducted by Rod, but this
one could have been a Peter Border method.

Rigel, first rung at the Bullring on 13 Mar, 1984, similarly, could
have been either Rod or Peter.

Prittlewell was rung at Birmingham Cathedral on 13 Oct 1949, conducted
by George Fearn, who I guess might have extended it from the Royal,
which was first rung at Prittlewell the previous year, conducted by
Phil Corby. Similarly Albanian was rung on 14 Jul 1949, again an
extension of the Royal, conducted by George.

Superlative was first rung to a peal on 30 Apr 1927 at Ipswich,
conducted by George Symonds, apparently at the seventh attempt. This
caused much controversy, with H Law James putting a motion to Council
against the naming of this extension, principally because it was no
relation to the (now No.1) Royal rung 100 years earlier. Commentary on
the front page of the RW 1927 pg 337, says that several authors
"independently evolved the [same version of] Maximus".

Pudsey is an obvious extension of the Major and Royal. It was also
rung at Ipswich on 13 Sep 1930, again conducted by George Symonds. A
footnote said that the St Mary-le-Tower Society has rung eleven
different Maximus methods in the last ten years. Given that only 16
Maximus methods had been named by 1930, that's impressive.


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