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Iain Anderson iain at 13to8.co.uk
Sun Apr 9 10:13:32 UTC 2017

On 2017-04-09 09:56, King, Peter R wrote:
> [...] leave that to bands and what they choose to ring.
This is madness.  In a bureaucracy like the CC, where the only job of a 
committee is to create rules, you can't go around undermining that by 
giving power to ordinary ringers.
    *Yes, Prime Minister:*
    *Sir Humphrey*: Bernard, if the right people don’t have power, do
    you know what happens? The wrong people get it: politicians,
    councillors,/ordinary voters/!
    *Bernard*: But aren’t they supposed to, in a democracy?
    *Sir Humphrey*: This is a/British/democracy, Bernard!
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