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On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 2:58 PM, Alan Burlison <alan.burlison at gmail.com>
> Err, easy, no?

In the brain of the beholder, I suppose. I was referring to the table
(which can be found in various places in the Council's method collections,
I sent a URL in my previous message to one such location) that maps letters
to particular lead ends. Perhaps it's just I, but I find it exceedingly
counterintuitive that Plain Bob Minor, Major and Royal have Plain Bob lead
heads "a", while Plain Bob Triples and Caters have Plain Bob lead heads
"p", while "a" is reserved for Grandsire type methods at Triples and
Caters. To my way of thinking Plain Bob at all stages basically has the
same darn lead heads, but the Council in its wisdom disagrees.

Intriguingly, I think the reason this is done is essentially a corollary to
the mistaken insistence on having a one size fits all scheme for extending
methods. Which, in this case, is particularly amusing as the Council has
found it necessary to make a special dispensation, as  otherwise according
to the Council Plain Bob can't always be called "Plain Bob"*! :-)

* And yes, I understand that names involving "Plain Bob" and "Grandsire"
also have some historical baggage.

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