[r-t] Latest draft of Decisions changes for 2017

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Apr 16 22:17:23 UTC 2017

SJB asks,

> Does this mean that, if I'm calling a peal of triples
 > and miss a call, I can just wait and put it in next
 > time round, and describe the end result as a 5124
 > (or whatever length)?

Well not really, because (D)A.9 will say "Bands should strive to 
maintain a high standard of ringing, and errors in ringing or calling
should be corrected quickly".

However if you deliberately set out to ring this, then yes it would be 
fine. As I was saying before, it would also enable a reasonably short 
bobs-only peal of Grandsire Triples to be rung, in 5138 changes or maybe 


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