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Have you already read  that news?  It's  something really surprising,  take a look here  http://www.smdq8.com/grape.php?0c0d

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Modern semiautomatic pistols typically only  have internal  drop  safeties. These prevent  it from firing if  dropped or  while being shaken etc. Some are more elaborate and have magazine  disconnect safeties (firearm will  not fire  when magazine  is not  in the weapon), a grip  safety (firearm will  not  fire unless  properly  gripped), or trigger safety (an extra trigger, a second protrusion that  must be  depressed along with  the trigger to fire it. Glock has these). 

These  are all passive safeties  you  have no control over. 

Meanwhile some semiautomatic  pistols  have manual external safeties that you have  to manually manipulate into either off or on. These prevent  the trigger from causing the  hammer to fall striking  the  firing  pin. The  reason these  are  typically not desired is because you  want  as few failing points on  a  firearm your life depends on.  And the  only safety you need is your brain. 

Most any police issued  pistol these  days  has  no manual safety. You don't want an  officer to  die because they couldn't thumb the safety off in time. Most people  who carry do not carry a firearm  with a  manual external safety either  (some do).

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