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It was me, I think.

This was the message I think you’re referring to: 

“A few years late, but I suppose it might still be read:
Robin Woolley wrote:"The best I have found was by John Segar. It does not deal with split-tenors - but allows FCHs to be extracted with facility."
Segar's method can actually be used to extract split tenors falseness, as far as I know, providing you have the time!The only difference is that you look for two bells within the two proving rows that have the same amount of bells between them, eg. 7xx8xxx and xx7xx8x and then apply the same rules otherwise. In terms of the incidence, you take the leads from the top of the columns that the bell on furthest right in the proving row (making sure you're looking at them in the same way, for cyclical reasons!) and that is the lead that the falseness will be found in. It's amazing what you find when you're not doing schoolwork...”

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