[r-t] Quarters of Spliced Major

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Mon Jan 30 15:57:49 UTC 2017

A couple of times a year I try to organise a quarter or date 
touch of spliced major that's a bit different and perhaps a 
little challenging, however I'm always struggling to find 
compositions as very few published ones appeal.  These are 
the last three we've rung:


Of these three, we found each a little harder than the 
previous one.  That's not necessarily a bad thing but wasn't 

They've all been cyclic seven part compositions with every 
lead different using a mixture of standard and non-standard 
methods.  That seems to be about the right amount of 
learning for a weekday evening quarter for us, and I like 
the format, though I'm not adverse to trying an eight part. 
Sticking to surprise methods is not a requirement, though 
including a few Chandlers methods is a bonus as it helps to 
keep them in mind.  The aim isn't to be gratuitously 
difficult, rather to have a good balance of music, variety 
and interest.  I'm inclined to think a quarter is too short 
a length for a palindromic seven (or eight) part to have 
enough interest.

The number of changes isn't too important as long as its 
approximately between 1250 and about 2000 so it can be rung 
after work and before the tower's 8pm curfew.  I've no 
problem ringing an unorthodox length if it opens new 
possibilities, but am not specifically looking to do so.

Does anyone have any interesting compositions that might fit 
the bill?


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