[r-t] Almost palindromic methods

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue Jul 4 09:42:04 UTC 2017

Some of the methods Andrew gives are amenable to ordinary extents - 
Thorndon Bob for example. Without looking it up and confirming, this 
method should have a 21-bob three part.

Some are allowed to have extents but I (and others) have not found any 
yet, such as x16x16.34.16x16x16.34.12 (gp a) and others are not allowed 
extents - Roncobello Place being one - *with lead end calls only*.

All plain methods do produce true 1440s with lead end calls however, if 
the comp. has each treble-lead-row at hand and back.

The subjective question is - 'is it worth ringing an in-lead call to 
obtain a 720 rather than a conventional 1440'?

Given that Roncobello Place was rung to a peal, the band missed a trick 
in that they could have named two methods for the price of one.

Andrew asks what people might be interested in. I am certainly 
interested in a convention lead-end call extent of the above method. My 
software is not up to much more than finding simple three-parts.

Best wishes

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