[r-t] Cyclic Royal QP

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu Jul 20 10:35:30 UTC 2017

Pip Dillistone wrote:
"I thought I'd work on a fun little QP plan I'd been meaning to try out.
The idea was to make something comparable in feel (though not nearly in
scope) to a particles peal, but shorter and with a less intense learning

Like it.  Good work.

A 5-part royal construction works nicely here (and as you say this suits
handbells also...when I was playing around with a 24-bell peal composition
I was looking at 12-parts for the same reason.

The opening Plain Bob section makes the composition accessible.  Of course
the trade-off is that you end up with lots of an inherently
treble-dominated method (plain bob) in a non-treble-dominated
compositional framework, which is a bit incongruous.

In a similar style for the opening section, if you don't want to dive in
to the glorious particle-style blocks but you want some more exotic
treble-fixed methods then there should be plenty of scope.  For example,
using my go-to method Normanby Delight, this should work:

Normanby Delight,+10, St James Bob,+10, Normanby Delight,+18

In any case, do keep playing around here.  There's scope for interesting
peal compositions for sure.

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