[r-t] "X above, Y below"

Richard Weeks richard.weeks at btinternet.com
Sun Jul 30 12:56:53 UTC 2017

Instead of the guidance for, say, Lincolnshire Surprise for all place 
bells as:

     "Cambridge above the treble, Lincolnshire below"

modify that to give the rule:

     "Cambridge when the 2nd is above the treble, Lincolnshire when it's 

At the major stage, this produces a true plain course of 1344 changes, 
with the 2nd simply ringing six courses of Lincolnshire as intended, and 
the other six inside bells accommodating this with elements of 
Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Superlative (and some odd frontwork):


Not many combinations take kindly to this approach. "Cambridge 2 above, 
Yorkshire 2 below", for example is false in the plain course:


And many other combinations don't even get that far. However, " Pudsey 2 
above, Yorkshire 2 below " has a true four-lead plain course of 896 
changes, and a true 1344 is also possible:


[Just reporting this for possible curiosity value]

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