[r-t] code for bells above 12

John David johnedavid at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 22 13:34:49 UTC 2017

Hi All

many years ago, when successfully programming my Spectrum computer to beep methods of up to 22 bells, I needed one-letter names for the bells above 12.

The ones I came up with were

h - tHirteen

f - Fourteen

v - (for xV)

s - Sixteen

n - seveNteen

a - aighteen

i - nIneteen

x - Xx

w - tWentyone

z - that was the last one I thought anyone would want to go up to

1-twelve (t) were as usual.

Not a brilliant numbering scheme, but at least it gave a tenuous connection between the letter and the bell number in most cases, which the CC scheme does not.

I still have the program tape, but eventually the computer died.

John David

Sunny Guernsey
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