[r-t] Odd Start Grandsire Doubles

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Mar 5 21:58:05 UTC 2017

Robin asks,

> I would not normally contact this this line but I am surprised how
> /*few*/ there are. Are there any more?

You have probably got the right result, unless there are bugs in your 

Am I right in thinking you are only looking at backstroke lead finishes? 
I think this is what your second message implies. That presumably means 
that, if you start with a plain, you must finish with a single, and vice 
versa (at least if you want the touch to be true). So the backstroke 
start and handstroke finishes are either:

13254 -> 12354


12354 -> 13254

Isn't it the same touches which travel between these pairs of changes? 
Why then have you got 5 of one and 15 of the other?

I may be being stupid.


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