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hi All

Forgive me for being a bit elementary, but how do we know that the contraction of a method, say Yorkshire, is Yorkshire and not any of the other numerous methods of which it might be a contraction - surely there must be a deligh tmethod with the same contraction and more right to the name?
Is this a case of defects in the rules on extension (are there any rules on contraction?) or is it a problem with allowing "False in the plain course" (which I think unnecessarily rejects many years of ringing history)

John David


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When looking through the Methods Committee proposed changes, and having a
further look at this page on Tony Smith's site http://www.methods.org.uk/
Publisher of machine-readable method collections since 1993. Welcome to Tony Smith’s website, home of the definitive Central Council method collections.

online/blk5.htm , I noted with interest that the contractions of Pudsey,
Rutland, and Yorkshire Surprise to Minor have already been named as Minor

If the propositions are carried through, we will then legitimately be able
to ring 1440s of Yorkshire, Rutland, and Pudsey Surprise Minor.

However, each of these Minor methods contain a 16 cross section, so they
are Delight methods. Does this mean that we might also have to relax, to a
degree, the distinctions between Surprise, Delight, and Treble Bob?

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