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> Peals on simulators are not peals on bells (even if it is the normal
> motion of the bell that triggers the sensor that triggers the sound
> production) and the business of the CCCBR is bells.  I may reconsider
> this when the Black Dyke Mills brass band wins a competition by blowing
> through mouthpieces that trigger the simulated sound of trumpets, horns
> and trombones, and when people start paying to hear them do it.

Plenty of people pay to hear organ recitals on instruments where the sound
is not created by blowing air through pipes but by reconstruction of high
quality digital recording of the sound of air blow through pipes.

> I think that relaxing the requirement for the bells to be audible
> outside the building in which they are rung would prove equally
> unpopular; where would the concept of performance be in that?

To save me copying all the arguments, please read article 7 of: 

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