[r-t] Infinite Extension

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Mar 23 11:50:14 UTC 2017

Hi All

Alan said:
> It seems possible that one might be able to construct examples where the
> pivot bell follows a pattern like 2,5,9,..
Yes, there are some (many maybe). Here's one.

There is a compliant extension of CS6 which goes at every fourth stage - 
10, 14, 18,... but the first of these stages (10) has a three-lead 
course (as does n=22). It consists of repeating the last section twice 
each time - x4x5x4x5, etc, with pivot bells increasing by four: 3, 7, 
11, 15,... although this may not be what Alan had in mind.

The Major is a 2-2-3 differential.

Best wishes

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