[r-t] Methods Committee proposed change 3.0(D)

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Mar 23 14:36:48 UTC 2017

Mark Davies wrote:

> This change ("Allow a wider range of peal constructions") is a little 
> more involved because the idea behind it is to make dealing with truth 
> more consistent across stages. It's therefore an opportunity to simplify 
> Decision D(B), which in its current form is extremely convoluted.

Why?  I thought the MC's plan was to get rid of the current 
decisions in 2018 and replace them with something based on 
Tim's framework.  So why on earth are you wasting time 
trying to rewrite (D)B beyond what is necessary to effect 
proposal 3.0(D)?

The actual change you're trying to accomplish is:

   * Allow peals of Triples or lower stages to include not
     mor than one touch in which each row appears at most one
     more time than any other row.

All you need to achieve this is a small tweak to the wording 
of (D)B.1(c).  Currently this reads:

   Not more than one touch shorter than an extent in which
   any of the possible rows at that stage occurs at most once.

If you change it to read as follows you will achieve the 
objective of proposed change 3.0(D):

   Not more than one touch in which each possible row at that
   stage occurs at most one more time than every other
   possible row at that stage.

The change is fairly easy to explain and minimal enough that 
it will hopefully avoid having unintended consequences.  It 
immediately applies to variable cover and multi-stage peals 
because 1(c) is referenced by paragraphs 3 and 4 too.

Your comment elsewhere about not wanting to allow 
single-lead methods in 2017 because there's now not time to 
fully consider the consequences of such a major revision 
applies equally to your proposed major revision of (D)B. 
Moreover, by not rewriting (D)B you are doing nothing to 
diminish the case for a wholesale replaceemnt of the 
Decisions in 2018.


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