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> From: "Richard Allton"
> However, in the Bell News V4 p137 Jasper Snowdon wrote:
> "The one peal, with the tenors together, that has been composed of 
> Cambridge Surprise, is one in five parts, of 5600 changes. This peal
> was composed independently by Mr. Charles Middleton, of Norwich, and
> Mr. Henry Johnson, of Birmingham. It was however first published by 
> Mr. Middleton in 1845, in Hubbard’s first book, and thus I think 
> that the peal, which is as follows, must be awarded to Mr. Middleton.
> Richard
Incidental other information:
Snowden knew Johnson:

Bell News Vol 4 p9 

In the year 1875, when I first turned my attention to
the different compositions in Stedman Triples, I wrote
to my friend Mr. Henry Johnson, of Birmingham, and
asked him what he knew about the earliest peals. 

Bell News Vol 5 - 1886 p225

We have to announce the death and funeral of the above gentleman,
member of the Norwich Scholars, after an illness of over three
years. Mr. Middleton expired on September 14th, and was buried at
the Norwich Cemetery on the 20th, being conveyed to the grave by
six of his brother Foresters. There was also present Mr. J. W.
Spratt, Captain Moore, of Redenhall, D. Hayward, of Yarmouth, five
of the young members of his company, and a great gathering of other
ringers and friends. The Rev. N. Bolingbroke, rector of St. Etheldreda,
Norwich, and secretary of the Norwich Diocesan Association, conducted
the funeral service, after which a course of Grandsire Caters
was rung over the grave by the following : J. Smith, 1-2 ; J. Fiddament,
3-4; G. Smith, 5-6; F. Knights, 7-8; J. Skinner, 9-10. And in
the evening a funeral peal was rang at St. Peter Mancroft, by the
following: W. Freeman, 1 ; E. Ward, 2; W. Bales, 3; J. Fiddament,
4: J. Youngs, 5; J. Smith, 6; J. W. Spratt, 7; G. Smith, 8; F.
Knights, 9 ; J. Skinner, 10; Captain Moore, 11 ; R. Palgrave, 12. A
muffled peal was also rung at deceased's native place, Marsham, on
the day of the funeral, by T. Greenwood, W. Crane, J. Edridge, F.
Matthewson, C. Clements, G. Moy, A. Neal, and J. M. Roberts. Mr.
Middleton was born at Marsham in the year 1813, and commenced
ringing in April 1834, and on December 14th, 1837, he rang at Marsham
Church in a peal of seven different methods, containing 720 changes in
each of the following: London Surprise, Cambridge Surprise, Kent
Treble Bob, Oxford Treble Bob, Court Bob, Double Court Bob,
Stedman’s Slow Course; and on January 9th, 1838, he took part in a
5440 of Oxford Treble Bob at Aylsham. In 1839 he left Marsham
and came to reside in Norwich, and in January 1843 he was elected a
member of the Norwich Scholars, and took part in ringing the
following peals: 5040 Stedman Triples, 5120 Kent Treble Bob Major,
5600 Oxford Treble Bob Major, 7126 Stedman Cinques, 5295 Stedman
Caters, 5120 Oxford Treble Bob Major, 5120 Oxford Treble Bob
Major, 5040 Stedman Triples, 5440 Oxford Treble Bob Major, and his
last peal was 5001 of Stedman Caters at St. Peter’s.

Andrew Johnson

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