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> From: Mark Davies
> What about this example, though. Keith Scudamore produced this 
> arrangement of Yorkshire Royal in 1982:
> Nearly two decades later Ben Constant produced a one-course rotation of 
> the same peal, which has been a perennial in the RW Diary ever since:
Interestingly, N J Pitstow's peal of Superlative was first published in
Bell News, Vol 4.p103 as M,2H,B,3H,M,3H
but then on p177 Jasper W Snowden says:

In Superlative Surprise, as in any other
method, the most musical bells should be
brought behind at the course-ends as much
as possible. Any of the three-part peals that
follow can be varied so as to be presented in
more or less favourable shape, although, to
judge by the way in which some of the earliest
compositions in this method have been
placed before the Exercise, this fact seems to
have been altogether ignored by certain
composers. The most musical course-ends
are undoubtedly those with the sixth and
fourth' in sixth?s place, then come those
with the sixth in fifth?s place, and the fifth
in fifth?s place. As in ordinary Treble Bob,
course-ends with the second in sixth?s
place are especially to be avoided. 


In the reverse variation of the following
peal neither the second or third are ever
in sixth?s place.

before he publishes that and the reversal

above N J Pitstow's name.

I also typed in another Pitstow peal,
B,3H,2W (5 part)
and got a match for
Frederick H Dexter
but that is from
FH Dexter's composition notebook
and also
Harold Poole's composition file

I'm not sure what is the right thing to do here. As a historical record, 
the composition was in Dexter's notebook under his name, but Pitstow was 
there first.

I've also seen this:
5056 Superlative Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton (Turner's variation)
in 3rd part, replace MMWW with B

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