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The band's "boredom" is a subjective matter.whilst some ringers may be bored
with ten consecutive calls at home in Plain Bob, others may be bored ringing
8-spliced. To answer your specific question, there is nothing
*fundamentally* wrong with using a third type of call although it is
probably better to avoid doing so unless it brings something additional to
the party that is not achievable with the use of standard calls - such as
the inclusion of additional musical courses that would otherwise take too
long to reach using conventional calls within the confines of a quarter peal
length. The following (unrung) composition is one that I produced a few
years ago and contains similar musical characteristics to yours, but avoids
the third type of call.





1280 Plain Bob Major   by G A A Taylor


     3    B    I    H    23456

     s    2    -    5    24365


Repeat.            5 =  - - s - -



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